Rubber plant by Oliver Osborne

When I started working on my Beachwear collection for the Classic line, I did it by collecting all the things that I have associate with timeless style and inspiration throughout the years. From interior photos to female muses in the 70’s.

One of those things is rubber plant that has a special place in my heart.

Ficus elastica (Rubber plant) is my favorite plant. So obviously handsome and always timeless green. During my childhood, we had a huge plant at home that literally had become a tree and as a child I found it almost magical. The same plant came with me to my first real apartment and caused arguments with my father who thought that I neglected the plants need for sunlight (he believes in furnituring around plants, and not the other way around). Eventually the poor rubber plant died of too many moves (and lack of proper sunlight apparently). But Ficus elastica for me is also linked to Chile where they grew like trees at my grandmother’s street and were always in the background of old photographs.

The day that I have a big house I will recreate this memory with my own big plant! And I promise that then no furnitures will be in it’s way of growing.

Love this painting by Oliver Osborne!


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