Made by Noemi was founded in 2004 and is managed by designer Noemi Ivanova. The fashion label sells lingerie, with both The Classic collection that is your best friend for everyday living and more elaborated hand made collections, and beachwear.

All Made by Noemi’s seasonal lingerie styles are hand made in her studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

The label is based on Södermalm in Stockholm and is available at selected retailers, as well as in Made by Noemi’s online store here.

For a peek into Made by Noemi’s world, visit the ‘News & Inspiration‘ section on the website to follow the work behind the scenes. From latest news to inspiration behind the styles and collections. Or why not read the designers thoughts on sustainable lingerie or female power.

Welcome to the world of every day luxury. ■

With Made by Noemi I want to create styles which are both comfortable and beautiful. My philosophy is that you shouldn’t need to compromise in this area. It is possible to be both beautiful and comfortable, so why not be?

A week consists of seven days and, usually, only two of them are days off work. Hence it’s hardly those all-too-short weekends that are tough to get through, but those grey, boring, full-of-things-that-must-be-done Tuesdays. I want to create garments for these days!

We all have that perfect outfit that we love, which, in some magical way, always makes us feel wonderful when we have no idea what to wear. This feeling fascinates me and I aim to recreate it with the pieces I design for Made by Noemi.

This is why the styles remain each season, but with differing materials and details.

Enjoy your stay here and let me know what you think!



Every day luxury behind the scenes.

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