[title text=”Classic Beachwear” tag=”h2″ text_align=”center”]

Made by Noemi Beachwear collection is a development of the lingerie styles created under  Classic collection line. The idea behind the collection is that it should be available all year – customers nowaday need beautiful beachwear even off-season when they escape the Swedish winter for warmer climes.

The styles should feel contemporary and last year after year. Therefore, they are stripped both models and color – the builds on classic cuts rather than current, and fast transient trends.

Sustainability has never looked better!

[title text=”The inspiration” tag=”h3″ text_align=”center”]

1. Clémence Poésy, contemporary style icon that represents modern elegance to me. She has a wonderful charisma that is inspiring . She is to me a contemporary Audrey Hepburn and thus the essence of a dream customer. Photo by Thomas Nutzl.

2. I love this photo by Paolo Roversi for Italian Vogue, 2009, for the power and authority that the model shows. I also fell for the bare backside that I love to show off in a swimsuit! It carries the perfect balance between nude skin, but without feeling too stripped.

3. Ficus elastica is my favorite plant. So obviously handsome and always timeless green. During my childhood, we had a huge plant at home that literally had become a tree and as a child I found it almost magical. But Ficus elastica for me is also linked to Chile where they grew like trees at my grandmother’s street and were always in the background of old photographs. The painting is by Oliver Osborne.

4. A true inspiration and muse for me is Audrey Hepburn. She is an icon and for me as obvious classic beauty. Both on this 1960s photo with Hubert de Givenchy on a walk in Paris, and as a middle aged lady helping children in war-torn Africa in the 1980s. Her style and big heart is a role model for me on so many different levels. Photo by Bert Stern for Vogue in 1963.

5. This beach-inspired photo from Harper‘s Bazaar, 1952, directly relates to the collection. I’ve always had a soft spot for passed eras aesthetics – and not least vintage beachwear. (My first bikini, which I really loved, I bought from a vintage 1970s stock. ) Photo by Toni Frissell.

6. I stumbled by accident over the artist and author Beatrix Ost and fell for her instantly. She is the perfect example that style is not linked to either age nor time era. If I can have the same attitude to life at her age that she does, I’d be more than happy. I love the feeling she exudes that anything is possible and that nothing should be taken too seriously! Read more here.

7. Something that I get back to from time to time, is the love of the clavicle and the silhouette that they form during movement. I find them so feminine and sensual that I always get weak for images that highlight them. Therefore it was a given inspiration when I would create my timeless beachwear! Polaroid by Diego Uchitel.

8. Last, but not least, I always start my inspiration path by looking at beautiful interiors. I have always had a great fondness for interior and it usually gets my imagination started. To me the ultimate inspiration is the balance a beautiful piece of furniture, or interior, has between aesthetics and function, without flipping over to neither side. And for me it’s inspiring to try to recreate the same balance for beachwear! Photo by Pia Ulin.