With this collection I wanted to explore the thin line that divides Sportswear and Lingerie. A line that I find becoming more and more blurry now when fashion trends no longer make a distinction between these two worlds.

The SheerPower collection is my interpretation of sporty looks and how I as a non-sporty person take a spin of it into lingerie. I want the collection to be worn more visibly but still maintain the privacy of delicate lingerie.

Basically pin down how “sporty” would I dare to go myself and yet maintain the Classic Line look? How far can I go without crossing into Sportswear?

The inspiration

1 & 5. Fluid and beautiful. Dark but sheer at the same time. Love how the darkness plays with light fields. Art by Karen L. Darling.

2. I love this photo by Billy Kidd of his girlfriend Heather Huey in the series ‘I was shot by Billy Kid’. Relaxed post-sport feeling that aires both grace and power without loosing the elegance!

3. This classic photo is just stunning! Models Lisa Taylor and Eva Nielsen have this power look eventhough non of them look into the camera. Subtile but yet so direct – just like I want this collection to feel. Photo by Helmut Newton for Vogue 1975.

4. Lingerie as everyday styles are beautifully captured by photographer Lillian Bassman in 1940s and 1950s. This intimacy is rare and fascinates me. Photo by Lillian Bassman 1948.

6. Like a mixture between an exray photo and a dreamy ghost. Love the delicate layering of shots that leaves me processing the image. Photo from White Project by Yuval Han.

7. The beautiful Anja Rubik by photographer Sølve Sundsbø. Elegant and strong. A muse.

8. Classic fashion photography by Bert Stern,1969. A proof that classics are never out of style and that true style never fails to inspire.

9. Female power in every inch. I love how Manna is portrayed by photographer Knotan.