Chloe Nørgaard – colorful muse

For a long time I’ve mainly seen models with classic looks that have inspired me. Models that amazed me with their ability to transform easily into various characters and looks.

Then something happened a couple of years ago and suddenly colourful and cool personalities were shown amongst models. That was when american/danish model Chloe Nørgaard caught my eye.


This pink, green, blue and rainbow girl was everywhere I looked. Her hair was amazing and gorgeous. She pulled it off like nobody else and now her style is not seen as outrageous but just plain cool.

I love her style and attitude even though I  myself is way more boring, but inspiration is just about that – looking beyond your regular box. Who knows what you’ll find? I found my colorful muse.

And when I listed my gift ideas recently, then #2 Pink & Bright girl is based on Chloe Nørgaard.

inspiration-pink-girl_female-power_Chloe-Norgaard_photo- David-Bellemere_gravure-magazine_2

inspiration-pink-girl_female-power_Chloe-Norgaard_photo- David-Bellemere_gravure-magazine


Photo series ‘The Misfits’ with photo by Enrique Badulescu and styling by Romina Herrera Malatesta for Metal Magazine via Fashion gone Rouge // ‘Heavy Metal’ with photo by David Bellemere, fashion director Priscilla Polley for Gravure Magazine via Fashion gone Rouge.

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