#1 Classic lady

#1 Lingerie gift idea

For the Classic lady

This girl is tough. She has class and she is picky with what she wears. Her wardrobe is full of “key styles” and basics that lasts for ever and ever. Relaxed and cool in a way that makes her get away with things that other don’t. This girl knows favourite styles when she sees them miles away.

The perfect gift for her is everything that Made by Noemi has of lingerie because she has probably already bought all lingerie herself. Get her more of favourites or why not spoil her with beachwear (and a ticket to a beach)?



Made by Noemi styles to get this girl:


  1. Cotton bralette in off-white
  2. Cotton low panties in off-white
  3. Lace bralette in white
  4. Lace low panties in white
  5. Classic bathing suit (perfect for drinks by the pool!)
  6. Bikini bandeau and high waisted bikini panties (every girl needs at least two bikinis at the beach!)



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Made by Noemi