# 5 Cool rock chick

#5 Lingerie gift idea

For the cool Rock Chick

This girl is cool, she loves black and she knows her style well. If you want to get the perfect gift for her, then you have to focus on the attitude. No girly stuff or cozy socks please.

Get her lingerie that match the wardrobe of leather jackets and slim jeans. She dares to show her lingerie under the clothes, so give her something she can show off. We think that Made by Noemi has the right styles for that perfect gift!



Made by Noemi styles to get this girl:


  1. SheerPower bralette in black
  2. SheerPower low panties in black
  3. SheerPower bustier in black
  4. SheerPower high panties in black
  5. Lace bralette in black
  6. Lace leggings in black
  7. Lace bustier in black
  8. Lace low panties in black



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