Size as a symbol

One of my memories of size as a symbol was when I was around 17 years old. I was sitting next to a classmate on an airplane. We had just taken our seats and she was complaining of her jeans being way too tight. That they were actually too small. Obviously I asked her why she hadn’t bought a bigger size?

The look I got back was ‘Are you nuts?!’ and the reply was ‘I can’t wear MEDIUM!‘ – from that point I learned not to question girls obsession with numbers or letter printed inside their clothes. Better left untouched territorial. Besides I was really skinny at that time and that just made my “stupid” question even worse. She was so much bigger – one entire size bigger.

I on the other hand thought she was the strange one and just wished that those numbers/name could be called something like ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Eagle’ and that way just be less judging, but I guess that would just be as bad. Like who wants to be the ‘Turtle’ then the rest are ‘Canary’?

Not once did we questions why a 17 year old girl was feeling too fat for a SMALL, when she actually was a small…

I have a dream, that with Made by Noemi, be able to include everybody that shares my lingerie vision of stylish and comfortable every day lingerie. A dream that sometimes is tough to reach when MbNs muscles are not that big. But I’m getting there and together with you, lovely customers, can we change how girls adress the size numbers/letter inside.

All we have to do is show that the comfort, and not the number, is what makes that cool girl glow.

Thank you for all support!

Anyway – Made by Noemi has panties from 34/36 to 42/44 and I promise you that nobody will read that label except when they are doing the laundry. And by that time you might just have found that loving person that you adore.



Photo by Luke Stephenson – An Incomplete Dictionary Of Show Birds. Visit his website for more, they’re so beautiful!

Made by Noemi