Small scale production of MbN

Have you ever thought about the hang tag that comes with the style that you have bought? Or do you just cut it off the minute you get home like I usually do?

Well, that hang tag has been designed by someone, sent to the printer. Later collected from the post office, unpacked and checked to see if the hole is centered well enough to be used. Then all the satin ribbons have been cut into the right length, pulled through that perfect hang tag hole and tied into a nod. Finally a safety pin has been placed and attached to that style that you just brought home.


In small scale production, like Made by Noemi, it is exactly that ‘small’ and in this case it means that I personally have done all those things mentioned above. My fingers can do that nod in my sleep and the safety pin is opened/closed without me even noticing it. I am a hang tag robot.

Me, my ego and I kind of love that fact. Crazy or wonderful? Not sure I want to know.



Made by Noemi