Style obsessed

Transparent, fluid, soft, feminine, empowering and just stunning.

I’m currently style obsessed with mixing material that are hard and stiff, with the total opposite. Image a transparent chiffon maxi skirt with high waisted panties underneath and fluffy angora sweater to that. Or a thin-knitted sweater that slightly reveals the underwired bra underneath to a pair of grey jeans.  Another classic that I more and more use as uniform is my feminine dresses in silk with worn-out Converse and old leather jacket. Disrespecting the dress up style and wearing it while walking my dog.

Or rather as I see it, just enjoying the beauty of gorgeous styles every day and making my work days count.

Style obsessed with these looks:

style-com_dark-blue-sheer-outfit_madebynoemi_inspiration the-sartorialist_white-hole-skirt_madebynoemi_inspiration 



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