Skater girl Ellen O’Neal

If you’ve ever seen photos of a cool chick in the 70’s skateboarding, then you probably have seen Ellen O’Neal. Even though I’ve never been into the world of skateboard, I can’t help to get inspired by this skater girl. Wish skater girls were remembered as the guys for their skills rather than cheeks.

Ellen was starred in a movie called Skateboard where her role name was Jenny Bradshaw, maybe named another Bradshaw as well?

Also I recently heard about ‘Skateistan‘ – an non-profit organisation started in Afghanistan in 2007 as a small skate school by Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich. They aim to make youth come together to skateboard and play so that they forge bonds that transcend social barriers. In Afghanistan girls are very limited and can’t for instance ride a bicycle, but they can ride a skateboard.

Since Skateistan began in 2007 we’ve found that youth of all ethnicities, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds love to skateboard. Skateistan brings them together, equipping young men and women to lead their communities toward social change and development.

The project has now extended to both Cambodia and Mazar-e-Sharif. Read more about Skatestan here and donate! And check out all the cute girls on skateboards that will make your heart melt. ♥


Made by Noemi